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In our experience, the agronomic benefits of optimising the soil potential and the establishment of crop are thus:

  • Increased micro-organism and earthworm activity - the soil structure retains its porosity allowing good root development due to the improved availability of water, air and nutritive elements.
  • Improved stability of top soil structure - with the increase in organic top soil matter, the problems associated with capping, leaching and compacting are reduced.
  • Soil moisture is better conserved - giving better germination for small grain crops in dry conditions.

Here are our tips for sucess with direct drilling:

  • Adapt the crop rotation.
  • Adjust the seed rate to soil and weather conditions.
  • Respect the soil structure, avoid passes with heavier machinery and inappropriate tyres in inclement weather conditions.
  • Sow into good soil, which has a good structure and appropriate drainage.
  • Ensure a relatively level level surface, with clean soil.
  • Closely monitor crops, whereby ploughing limits weed emergence in the short term, direct drilling will amplify the effects of poor weed control.
Oilseed rape drilled into wheat stubble.
Oilseed rape drilled into soil with minimal cultivation.