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As pioneers of the triple disc system, the Kuhn direct drill is the result of many years experience in the field of direct drilling.

The direct drill principle meets two main objectives:

  • to reduce the costs of crop implantation
  • to increase work productivity

The triple disc system (one opener disc, two seeding discs) with a central pivot point optimises 'in line' drilling technique's by placing the grain directly into favourable crop development conditions.

The system is designed that drilling can be carried out even when high volumes of vegetation are present by using :

  • large diameter discs
  • high underbeam clearance
  • discs are 'offset' giving a stagger of 350mm on the opener discs and 450mm on the drilling discs.


The central pivot - a pivorting articulation is situated mid way between the opener discs and the drilling discs.
These 'opener' discs prepare a seedbed row inline with the rear drilling discs.